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Monday, April 1, 2013

Engineer apps for android

Good morning everyone! now it’s time to Talk About android apps for civil engineers:

My Measures and Dimensions

You can use this app when you need to take measures and make photographic records with them.

It’s easy to use, just take the picture and with your fingers put the limits of the object, and enter the real dimensions in metric or imperial units.

Also you can add limit arrows, angles and description texts.


Area and distance calculator

This app is really useful when you need to calculate areas and perimeters. This app uses this 2 modes:

- Calculate area automatic (GPS), point by point (GPS) or point to point on the map.

- Calculate distance between two points (GPS), track point by point (GPS), automatic tracking (GPS), or distances point to point on the map.


Also allows you to save and load your calculations.

Graph 89

If you are looking for android scientific calculator, this is probably the best option

This is an emulator for the TI-89 (Texas Instrument calculator), you need to extract the calculator ROM from your own calculator.


This emulator works just like the original calculator TI-89, with all the functions and operations.

Personally, I recommend this app for all professionals and students.

Smart tools

This is a set of small apps and tools that allow you to measure various things like:

- Length, angle, slope, level

- Distance, height, width, area

- Compass, metal detector

- Sound level meter, vibrometer

- Flashligth


You can try or buy this on google play applications store, bye guys


Eugen Pircalabu said...

Try Geoprops:

It'a a very complete calculator for geometric properties including various moments of inertia.
A large number of section types is available and you can even define your own section though points.
It certainly is the most powerful calculator of this kind on Google Play.

Harley Watts said...

android app development

Royal Solver said...

Try Royal Solver
It is an android application for engineers and students on the go. It is a real tool for solving a wide range of equations relating to simple engineering problems (contains 550+ formulas which can be solved for almost any of their variables).

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