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Monday, April 1, 2013

Change the LED light color Samsung Galaxy

Some time ago, I asked if it was possible to change the color of the LED light on my Samsung Galaxy S3, so I decided to look for an app that can change notification’s color on my android device.

I found two interesting apps Light Manager and Light Flow.

Light Manager – LED settings, Is an Free app that allows you to configure LED color and its flashing frequency for notification.


Light Flow – Control LED, there are two versions of Light Flow, a Lite and the full version.


This apps allows you to control the notification color for many applications and system events such as:

- Miss call
- Gmail
- Calendar reminder
- Google Talk
- *Email
- *Facebook
- *Facebook Messenger
- *Twitter
- *WhatsApp
- *GO SMS Pro
- *Handcent SMS
- *Any 3rd party apps (Only applicable in Alternating Mode)
- Low battery
- Battery charging
- Battery charged
- No signal
- No 3G/4G
- No Wifi
- Silent Mode On
- Mobile Data On
- Wifi On
- Bluetooth On

From Jelly Bean onwards, ROOT is required for those marks with asterisk *.

There are many nice colors you can choose for your notifications, this way you'll know which application is sending you a notification.

You can download the free/lite version or buy it on Google Play, bye guys.


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