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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Samsung will implement anti theft options


Samsung Electronics will include two security features in its latest Smartphone in an effort to reduce the large number of robberies in the United States, the company reported.

The largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world said that users can activate free “Find My Mobile” and “Reactivation Lock” as a protection for the Samsung Galaxy 5 S, which will be released soon on the U.S. market.

This new features automatically freeze the device is there is an unauthorized attempt to completely reconfigure the device.

Nearly one of every three robberies in U.S. is related to mobile phones, according to the Federal Communications Commission. Lost and stoles smart phones, cost consumers more than $30 billion on 2012, said the organization in a study.


Sidebar Launcher multi-tasking on Android

Hi everyone now im going to talk about SideBar Launcher…Multitasking is an important issue in Android Smart Phones, There are many applications that allows to you to place floating menus on the screen to get access different Apps and utilities in seconds, saving us a lot of time.


Sidebar Launcher appears invisible in one side of the screen, you just need to press on the side and it will display a bar that contains a full panel of settings an shortcuts, with a great number of customization options.

Increase your productivity whit Sidebar Launcher multi-tasking, this sidebar is composed of many options like the time, date and alarm, WiFi Adjustments, Bluetooth, GPS, Sound Profiles, Rotation. For a quickly access you can also choose your favorite apps.


In the Pro version of Sidebar Launcher, you can eliminate advertising; you can use an integrated music player and look at memory Usage and Battery life.

Sidebar Launcher configuration mode is very simple and allows you to add or move the options as we want.

Hope you like this app…have a nice day!


CCleaner is now available for Android

CCleaner is one of the most popular programs, CCleaner help us cleaning junk files and improving memory in our Android Smart Phones. CCleaner for Android has just been released and is in beta version, it’s available for those who want to try and improve the internal memory of Android Phones.


To get access to CCleaner for Android, follow these simple steps:

1. Join the CCleaner for Android Beta community Page
2. Go to the Google Play link:
4. Once you're a tester, click "Download CCleaner from the Play Store"

Now you can start scanning and cleaning your device

Just open the app, you’ll see the welcome screen that icludes information about your device, and two options Scan and Clean.


You can start cleaning junk files on your android…files like: cache, clipboard, history explorer, logging calls, SMS…Select those you want to remove and click on "Clean".


Ccleaner also helps you to manage your apps, showing the complete lis of installed applications.

Anoher of the features of CCleanear, is to show complete system information about CPU, RAM, SD Card, Internal Storage and Battery life.

Hope you like this app!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Screen recorder for android

Good night guys, now I want to talk about this screen record app for Android devices named ScreenCast Video Recorder created by Media Solutions, you can use it mainly for video tutorials or explaining videos, I used this on mi Samsung Galaxy S3, you need to the following requirements:

- Root needed
- Does not work on Galaxy Nexus or Tegra 2/3
- Samsung S3: Set recording mode to “High” in settings


Here’s an example of screen recording:

- You can see the start/stop recording red button
- The video gallery to view, rename or delete videos
- Encoding score, bench mark
- Video settings (resolution, orientation, fps, pointer, video name

I hope you've enjoyed this Android App...I really like it, I'll upload other videos of my Samsung Galaxy :)

You can buy this app on Google Play, bye

Monday, April 1, 2013

Change the LED light color Samsung Galaxy

Some time ago, I asked if it was possible to change the color of the LED light on my Samsung Galaxy S3, so I decided to look for an app that can change notification’s color on my android device.

I found two interesting apps Light Manager and Light Flow.

Light Manager – LED settings, Is an Free app that allows you to configure LED color and its flashing frequency for notification.


Light Flow – Control LED, there are two versions of Light Flow, a Lite and the full version.


This apps allows you to control the notification color for many applications and system events such as:

- Miss call
- Gmail
- Calendar reminder
- Google Talk
- *Email
- *Facebook
- *Facebook Messenger
- *Twitter
- *WhatsApp
- *GO SMS Pro
- *Handcent SMS
- *Any 3rd party apps (Only applicable in Alternating Mode)
- Low battery
- Battery charging
- Battery charged
- No signal
- No 3G/4G
- No Wifi
- Silent Mode On
- Mobile Data On
- Wifi On
- Bluetooth On

From Jelly Bean onwards, ROOT is required for those marks with asterisk *.

There are many nice colors you can choose for your notifications, this way you'll know which application is sending you a notification.

You can download the free/lite version or buy it on Google Play, bye guys.


Dolphin web browser for Android

There are several web browsers for Android, the most popular are as always Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.

One that is gaining popularity among users of Android devices is the Dolphin web browser that has several interesting features for more interaction with users.

Gesture – Create a personal Gesture (symbol) to access websites, You can open your websites with the touch of your fingertip.

Voice control – You can tell your phone what to do search, share or navigate.

One tap share – It’s easy to share webs on Facebook, Twitter by mail.

Wi-Fi broadcast- You can share links with your friends nearby on the same Wi-Fi network.

Add-ons- You can add these features to your Dolphin web browser:

• Dolphin Webzine
• Box for Dolphin
• Dolphin QRCode Share
• Bookmark to SD
• Dolphin YouTube Search
• Dolphin eBay Search
• Dolphin Alexa Rank
• Web to PDF
• Dolphin Brightness
• Dolphin Password Manager Lite
• Password Manager Pro
• Lastpass for Dolphin Browser
• Xmarks for Dolphin


These are some of the features of Dolphin, it provides greater user comfort and ease of use, this is a quick and fast app, you can find it on Google Play.


Line exceeds Whatsapp in Android

Android users who used Whatsapp have no intention of paying the annual fee to use this famous instant messaging service. Therefore, Line has exceeded Whatsapp for the first time in Android devices, now Line is among the most downloaded free applications on Google Play.


There are other free apps for android providing instant messaging service, like Viber, Voxer and Tango, but no so popular as Line.

It is worth remembering that even Whatsapp can be downloaded for free, but it charges since the first year of use. Moreover, Android app Line has no cost, because the money they get is from the sale of emoticons and drawings purchased by users who want to have a customized program.

As Viber and Tango, Line also has the ability to make free calls between users who have installed the app.


All these Free calls & Message applications can be downloaded from Google Play.